Our Ministry Leaders

Administrative Council Chairperson – Amy Baker-Maile
Administrative Council Vice-President – Eric Dixon
Finance Committee Chairperson – Rosemary Decatur
Financial Secretary – Edna Yerks
Treasurer (Church) – Rosemary Decatur, Maria Maston
Lay Leader- Rosemary Decatur
Certified Lay Speaker – Donna Hazzard
Lay Member of Annual Conference – Rosemary Decatur
Reserve Lay Member of Annual Conference – Donna Hazzard
UMC Women President – Caroline Williams

Pastor-Parish Relations Comitee
Class of 2016 – Eric Dixon, Julie Johns, Maria Maston
Class of 2017 – Donna Hazzard, Rene Roger, Art Baker
Class of 2018 – Caroline Williams, Rosemary Decatur,
Chrissie Franks

Class of 2016– Mike Miller, Glenn Baker, Robert Rogers
Class of 2017– HG Tinker, Jay Dixon, Rosemary Decatur
Class of 2018– Caroline Williams, Richard Hazzard, Sr.,
Beth Kraemer

Committee on Lay Leadership
Class of 2016– Chrissie Franks, Rene Rogers, Norma Miller
Class of 2017– Edie Dixon, Edna Yerks, Diana Marcello
Class of 2018– Kim Larkin, Richard Hazzard, Sr., Amy Baker-Maile

Nurture Outreach and Mission Committee
Evelyn Armistead, Chrissie Franks, Kim Larkin, Evelyn Ohland, Donna Hazzard, Robert Rogers, Beth Kraemer, Mike Miller, Rene Rogers, David Williams, Donna Nielsen Williams, Rosemary Decatur, Caroline Williams

Worship Committee
Evelyn Armistead, Edie Dixon, Eric Dixon, Diana Marcello, Maria Maston, Rene Rogers, Edna Yerks, Donna Hazzard

Finance Commitee
HG Tinker, Rosemary Decatur, Edna Yerks, Amy Baker-Maile, Donna Hazzard, Eric Dixon

Education Committee
Caroline Williams/Amy Baker-Maile (Sunday School Superintendents), Donna Hazzard (Treasurer), Kim Larkin, Chrissie Franks, Doris Baker, Abby Larkin

NOW UMC Committee Representatives for 2016
SPRC: Rene Rogers, Julie Johns, Maria Maston (Alternate)
Admin Council: Amy Baker-Maile, Donna Hazzard,
Rosemary Decatur
NOW: Rosemary Decatur, Maria Maston